Saturday, 1 September 2012


For everything you are makes me whole when i am not, for what am I without you if not a shadow of myself desperately grasping for a meaning in this so called existence.  I am overwhelmed by emotions that are manifested in my actions unable to abate my affections but for this I have no apologies for never in the history of time was love ever a subject of remorse, not in my eyes anyway. I will plunge myself into the abyss oblivious to all sense of reason for what is the point if my heart can not find a matching beat.

Of late I've been thinking about how some couples just seem to seamlessly mesh into each others lives without any hitches, to be perfectly In-sync if ever there was such a thing and it left me wondering. Is it really that effortless or is it like a clock, a composed exterior run by a complex system constantly in check to ensure you always see the right time. This got me on the path of self reflection, i kept wondering how come I have never been as lucky,  now I know for a fact at some point all of us have asked ourselves the very same question sad thing is we really find the answer. Probably because we are looking at it wrong , what we should be asking what can I do to be as lucky.

People need to stop waiting for miracles and wishing on stars, linking any and every love experience to fate and luck. Its always been about how much effort we are willing and able to put to make what is a lot of work look like something that's always been in-sync.

Am just sayinGTM