Thursday, 12 January 2012


Perception is an attribute awarded to every complex being , it defines the way we look at the world in our own little way. It is our compass propagating us in a direction we deem as right, but the probabilities that avail themselves with every conscience decision are endless and so decisions cannot be solely based on individual world views. Yet I believe in the art of being principled , decisions based on personal points of view with a moral compass that surpasses the simple idea of  conscience decisions given that they are mere facts that are consistent and unwavering . We are faced with different scenarios every waking second and the choices we make define us, points of view concerning an issue cannot change instantaneously unless influenced by external factors but even then we need to find a way to stand our ground despite the situations we are bombarded with.  We learn to go past our breaking points to find our inner strength enabling us to withstand anything that comes our way. Principles help us to work towards our goals without the distractions of day to day living, like a light at the end of the tunnel consistently guiding us as we wade through antagonizing happenings of life. So I'll ask, what shapes our principles? In a sense what makes us who we are, the face behind the mask. This is my theory, we are gradually shaped by experiences , inclined to act the way we do based on how the world around us reacts and limited by the much we know. It never hurts to have an open mind allowing for direction where necessary for in every day that we live we learn something new.Try to be the best you that you can be.

Am just sayinG™.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

In the Moment

There are times we just close our eyes impervious to the world around us , wrapped up in a cocoon of our own making. Where things supersede the complicated day to day living if only to get away from it all even for just a little while. It's not easy wading through life without escaping from it every once or twice, in everything we do we always need to stop and breath lest we burn ourselves out. This applies to all spheres of life and the irony is some of us don't apply the philosophy. We push well past the breaking point with the illusion that it gets better ahead, to these I say " the moment that we live in holds more weight than the future we so hope for ."

Man is a fragile being and as such should be treated as one. Don't always be in a hurry to get ahead take a minute or two to smell the roses, feel the sun on your face , the wind through your hair ( this one might not apply to all of us lol). Learn to appreciate the little things lest the moments pass you by and all you're left with is bitter regret and unfulfilled dreams. Ask yourself a simple question , if I was to die today could I say I truly lived ? Of course there are ambitions you will fall short of but did u do the things that really mattered ?
Do the things that bring you bliss ,act stupid , be a little crazy if you need to be. The way I see it , we live once but regret forever so why not take a chance on life.

Am just sayinG™