Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Love is not a checklist

I lay awake late at night contemplating all the words I could have said , my mind was a drift with thoughts of her, my dream turn reality(I still pinch myself to make sure I'm awake). I know, how more cliché can I get but the truth is what the truth is.

It's funny how we always have these preset standards of what we expect our better half to be when in reality all anyone simply wants is to feel needed, like you matter to someone(clearly it must be obvious that I mean someone other than family). So we set out with a checklist(allow me to call it that) expecting to mark everything before we can 'honestly' say we're in love. Even as I write this I can't help but laugh but alas people still do it. I'm sure you've all done it , oooh she must be light with A,B,C body and something something or he should be tall , dark and handsome(lol I don't women who actually think this one through but hey, don't kill the messenger). 

And thus like any other fool set to fall in love I did the same, and came across the girl of my dreams I did. It was during the wrap-up of one of these fashion events, there's really one reason why someone would go to these events right?  either you were dragged along or you truly are team mafisi (men will agree with me here). So after the show was done I found myself at a table with this beautiful lady in a pink top(I think something was written on it but hell if I remember) and I couldn't help but watch her tear away at a samosa (hunger is a dangerous thing) , I bet she doesn't  even remember I was there but ... I will never forget

That was the first time I met her, details of how I won her heart will remain my little secret (in other words use your imagination #psych ) but I will tell you this much, the checklist didn't matter cause at the end of the day love is not a list of things to be checked off, it engulfs the mind, body and soul and when it's real, no matter the adversities that come your way it will endure.

So to all you still searching go out there and find your lady in pink(clearly all here is relative ), hold her close and let her know she means the world to you cause at the end of the day love is willing and achieving what is good for the other person(borrowed this from my social and political philosophy class, people actually learn in school)

Found some okay video on the whole love is not a checklist, I'll give them one thing though, they do have a catchy beat.