Monday, 1 June 2015

Data Loss, Laptop Woes

As I write this post the first thing that comes to my mind is "what is dead shall never die but rises again harder and stronger". But alas this was not the case in my story, mine is a sad tale that holds no happy endings and should stand as a warning that technology like everything else will eventually fail you so you better be ready when it does least you fall victim to data loss of the worst kind.

I had been browsing the net as I do before I drift off to lala land, my now late night catching up with anime and all seemed well with my old and trusted device. I shut it as I usually do and well, didn't think much of it. A day passed and late at night as I sat down to prowl the web as I usually do something funny happened, the laptop got stuck in the boot loop simply showing the Laptop logo. I thought that I simply needed to shut the machine off and on again since it had done this once or twice before (now that I think about it I should have taken this as a warning to start backing up things *sigh*, live and learn)

I tried this about 5 times before I slowly started to go into a panic. In 30 minutes I was frantically scouring the net try to find ways to revive a dead hard disk (this is totally different from a crashed one). By 1 am I had only succeed in assuring myself that the problem was not the laptop but the hard disk. I retired to bed around 2 am, deciding to try place the wretched device in the deep freezer. From an article I read somewhere it was supposed to be a remedy but alas, this served to do nothing but give false hope.

I was forced to resume research and upon reading more I discovered that tests done by BackBlaze on the life span on hard disks suggest that they usually last around 4 years before the failure rate increases by about 12% per year(I think this is for the seagate model). In hind sight I should have done this earlier but what's done is done and data lost... so much data, though I'm not willing to spend money to recover data, just not happening. So now I have resorted to vowing that anything I deem important goes to the cloud, I have about 65G up there might as well use it before I lose it.

So to you who has their old laptop and are hesitant slow to backup, your day is coming and trust me it had better find you with a recent backup otherwise you will have much to lose, I'm just sayinG